Waraku Restaurants Singapore

The Waraku Concept

The founder of Waraku, Ueki Kiyoshi:

“We treasure our clients' appreciation for our creativity and services. We are motivated every time when one of our patrons would say, "Thank you" or smile at our efforts. We shall continue to stay motivated to do our best for the guests.

The name, "Waraku" consists of 2 Chinese characters, (wa) "和" meaning harmony and (raku) "楽" meaning enjoy. Thus it is important for us that our guests must enjoy the experience of dining at our restaurants.”


Think of “Peace and Harmony”. Relate this to “Japanese Casual Dining” and “Waraku Japanese Restaurant” will quickly come to mind. This is the essence of the Waraku Japanese Restaurant concept.

Waraku in the Japanese language connotes “Peace and Harmony” and it aspires to provide each and every customer with a memorable dining experience that delivers excellent cuisine, impeccable service and beautiful ambience; all at a reasonable price.

Waraku’s business philosophy revolves around creating a casual and relaxing environment for diners to enjoy authentic Japanese food at affordable prices. Pasta de Waraku is an extension of this same concept to cater to a growing appreciation for pasta that is infused with authentic Japanese flavour.


To introduce diverse and distinctive variety of sophisticated yet refined authentic Japanese Cuisine

To provide comfortable, joyous and homey ambience for every customer

To derive satisfaction of "thanks", "smiles" and "gratitude" from every Waraku customer.


Be honest and modest always upholding customer-centric values and sharing our prosperity with all staff, shareholders, business partners and suppliers.